How to Connect with Europe Urologists help :)

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How to Connect with Europe Urologists help :)


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My name is Delilah, I am a student, pre-med and who likes urology, at UC Berkeley studying Biology and Business. As part of the Robinson Biology and Business dual-degree program that I am currently a part of, I am taking a Capstone course where I’m making a biotech startup. Due to past family experiences, my team and I decided to focus on new therapies for prostate cancer, and we hope to get urologist insights on how prostate cancer patients are treated! I would really appreciate the opportunity to have a quick ~10 minute call with urologists from France, Spain, UK, Germany, and Italy in particular to understand how European care differs from the US. I have been struggling to find urologists though and was wondering if there were any European urologists on this forum or if any doctors on this forum know how we could connect with European urologists for research and learning purposes! My partner's email is (spam) for reaching out! Thank you all so much :)


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Hi @Delilah
We have edited your message, it is not allowed to publish emails

about your question
apart from someone wanting to contact you through the forum, you can also contact them through the specialty associations in different countries, for example
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