Introduce yourself here!

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Introduce yourself here!

Yay first post in this sub-forum!

Hi everyone,

I don't know how many international students there are in Spain. I haven't come across many personally that aren't spanish speakers so I thought I'd start this thread so that we can get to know each other and maybe use this forum to express some of the joys and frustrations of being an international student in Spain!

I'm Nathan, 24 years old and from the north of England. I'm not a medical student yet. I started intensely learning Spanish a few months back with the intention of taking the over 25 test next year at either UCM or UAM. I currently live in Madrid teaching English at a primary school while living with a Spanish family in return for tutoring their kids in English (unfortunately this means I spend must of my days speaking almost entirely in English :/ haha).

Please introduce yourselves. I'd really love to know I'm not alone!! :)
Hola nathan,

Soy Cameron. De Escocia. Este año he hecho mayores de 25 pero aquí en Barcelona.

Pues he tenido éxito y empezaré Medicina en la Universitat de Barcelona en septiembre. Aún no puedo creer que lo he conseguido. Pero estoy SÚPER CONTENTO!!! :)

Tienes título universitario del Reino Unido? Así puedes convalidarlo aquí y quizás no hace falta hacer el acceso!

Mucho ánimo y disfrútalo!! Y claro: estudia mucho!!

My name is Beatriz, I'm 19, from Portugal and I'll start studying Medicine in UAM in September :D
Well i don't know anyone actually so I thought this sub-forum would be a great idea to meet international students who are in my situation! Nathan where will you be studying then, UCM or UAM?
I was thinking of studying Medicine in Spain and I have looked at a couple of Unis such as Navarra, CEU in Valencia and UCAM, but I just wanted to know about their entrance exams. My spanish is pretty good, but I think some sections, such as verbal reasoning are sort of tough. CEU even asks about spanish culture! What is your strategy for this?
Hi everyone, I'm not a foregin student, I'm from Valencia. But I would like to follow this section just for practice my written english while I help to all of you with your questions about different Universities or "spanish culture" (really??), I recommend you to read some of spanish history or to do some tour around your city. There's some books like "Spanish history for Dommies" ,o similar things that I think would help you.

If I have written some bad word,please, correct me.

Best greetings ;)
Wow, I didn't realise anyone had replied to this thread. I was there were some way of subscribing to threads here grr. I will reply to you all individual by PM!!
puedes suscribirte al foro usando el feed feed.php?f=300
asimismo creo que es mejor que conteste aqui y no via mp

You can subscribe to the forum using the feed feed.php?f=300
I think it's also better answer here and not via mp
I see that CEU in Moncada Valencia does Medicine in English, however I cannot see the A level requirements. I know that because of the EU agreement, A levels should be equivalent, but I am not sure about the specific phase of the Selectividad exam. Does someone know more about this?
I was born in Argentina but I moved to Spain when I was like 9 so I was basically raised here. This year I was supposed to start medicine (I'm 18) but I my PAU grades weren't high enough so right now I'm in a kind of a gap year, yet I'm studying to get better grades at PAU in June 2015 and I'm literally SO scared. Sometimes I get quite sad because all I can think about is what will happen if I don't make it
So yeah English isn't my mother language but if you need any help or if you have any question I will try my best to help you, that's for sure :)

I was just wondering if anyone could offer any words of wisdom/advice! I'm British, 28 and been living in Seville for the past 5 years as a translator. Part of what has gotten me interested in medicine is translating medical texts. I'd love to study medicine in Spain, but I'm thoroughly confused about how I can apply. As I already have A-levels (not in sciences albeit) and a degree (in Modern Languages), am I right in thinking I can't go for the Acceso para Mayores de 25? So how could I apply to do Medicine? I can't find any way that would make it possible! As I see people on this forum who have achieved it/are in similar positions, I thought I'd ask.

 I know this is a surprising way to start a topic, but I am an international student that wants to take the +25 exams in madrid, and reading in this forum found out a certain NathanEnMadrid has done so and gotten a place in UCM, but I could not click on his username to send him a PM, so please if someone knows him, or if he is reading this, could you please pm me? it will help me so much. 
thanks anyway guys.